Necksgen REV and REV 2 Small
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The NecksGen REV is the more affordable option for those looking for a great head and neck restraint. Combining the safety of an SFI 38.1 certified device, with the comfort of the small package of the REV, it’s just a matter of choosing which size works best for you. REV head and neck restraints come with a fixed-length tether that will fit most drivers. If not it can be sent to Necksgen for a different length.comes with free recertifications. (must be sent back to Necksgen). Quick release helmet hardware is included! 

At $499.99 and free shipping thats a small price to pay for much needed added safety.

  • Item #: P1-NG-REV
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, Canada, Mexico

Necksgen REV and REV 2 Small

Price: $499.00
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